In 1989 I began recording my highest quality tracks to date at a place called Teluride Studios in Palo Alto, CA., utilizing the engineering expertise of one Eric Dodd (aka Eric Valentine of Smashmouth and Third Eye Blind producing fame). This project was to be side one of my first adult contemporary pop styled release. Of the 6 songs recorded: Like You Do, Blue On Blue, The Price, I'm Seeing Red (Target), Soul Mates, and Ain't It True, the first three found their way onto my CD Album DARK BLUE. Ain't It True would later become the opening cut on RED.

In 1990 I made the decision to assemble my own recording studio, J-ZONE modeled after the techniques I studied under Eric's tutelage by example at Teluride. I hadn't realized it at the time, but by producing those first six tracks at Telurid I was actually learning many important procedures and studio tricks I would need for my own studio production work in the future.

Eric's main focus around 1990 to 1991 became his own group, called T-Ride, in which he played drums. This left less and less time for my studio project. I did not wish to switch to a different engineer and so I discontinued working at Teluride Studios. My logic going forward was to buy the equipment necessary to establish my own studio and continue alone. I invested in the equipment and took the plunge. Even if I had wanted to proceed at Teluride rates were going higher and higher. I figured that in time the cost of the equipment would eventually balance out and make sense within the greater equation. In the end I would have my own studio to show for all the money and time spent.

I proceeded to record and learn how to produce on my own by creating some pretty good demo tapes. At first they weren't as slick as Eric's stuff but I kept after it and became better and better. Meanwhile, I got back into gigging groups again out of a sheer need to be back on stage. Another version of The Likes ('91 to '92) , a blues band The Revtiles ('92 to 93) , and then a very good 80's/90's Modern Rock cover band Screaming Towardz Earth ('94 to '96) , were how I managed to rock through the 90's. All the while from 1990 through 1996 I Kept recording and developing my own engineering and producing skills.