We played at many south Bay Area venues including: Mountain Charley's, The Laundry Works, The Country Store, The Smoky Mountain, Joshua's, Nile's Station, The Bodega, The Tower Saloon, The Wooden Nickel (when it wasn't burning down), The Keystones (Pay To Play Anyone?) and too many High School Proms, Weddings, or other odd events to remember. Unfortunately, early on in 1985, Warren and I experienced a disconnect in our visions for the group direction. Warren felt weighted down by our focus on cover gigs and lack of original music pursuits. In retrospect I agree with him. Hindsight is 20/20. We disbanded but I wanted to continue on with it.

The Likes continued, in various forms, through the 1980's until late 1992 when I decided my focus should be on recording my own songs. We had been in the studio several times recording our own original material. During the very successful local San Jose gigging days of the Likes our recording dates included:
1980 Demo 1 - Sensa Studio, Sunnyvale CA.
1981 The Mark Kline Sessions - Air Studios, San Jose, CA.
1981 Demo 2 - Astral Sounds, San Jose, CA.
1983 The Plant Demo - The Plant in Sausalito, CA.
1984 Demo 3 - Astral Sounds, San Jose, CA.
1987 The Likes (side one sessions) - Astral Sounds, San Jose, CA.
1988 The Marked Men Album (Basic Tracks) - SoundTek, Campbell, CA.

We came very close to getting record deals a couple of times during this period. It was exciting to record at the Plant in Sausalito across the hall from a Ted Nugent session. With each new demo recorded our sound was being crafted and improved. If the group just had a few more dollars and a bit of today's technology around I'm sure we could have release some really fun independent records and sold them at our shows.
It was with that feeling that I move into my next phase. Even though I enjoyed a wealth of fun and experience, some supplemental income, and the development of my chops and stage persona out in the clubs, I really needed to get my original songs heard by a larger audience. So then I began focusing all my resources on recording my own originals. In effect I went solo.