December 17, 1998

Views From Metropolis


Wendy M. Pfeiffer

Part 12 in a Series

Denis, its a matter of principles. Black and white, hot and cold; the
notion that one decision matters, in human terms, more than another.
I've long admired principled people. In fact, those I count among my
inner circle are the most principled individuals I've met. Cathy traded
her brilliant and satisfying career, quarterly jaunts to Paris, and corner
office in order to be the kind of mother she believes her children deserve.
Ethan has chosen to climb to the top via a slower route of meaningful
accomplishments, rather than fast-tracking over the bodies of his
colleagues. Ruth Anne has made money to help support her wonderful family,
instead of exploring her talent as a poet and author. Jeff worked for
decades in jobs he hated in order to be a contributing member of society
and pay his own way in the world. Erika gave up dearly-loved stability and
marriage plans in order to find her own way. Bob won't work for a
corporation because he needs to control his own destiny and feel good about
his efforts at the end of the day. Israel is learning to find satisfaction
outside of his career, so that he can be a healthy and strong father and
husband. Al lives on a farm in Vermont and telecommutes to support his
wife's quest for success.
Principles brought Jeff and me here to Los Angeles. They were our own
individual decisions, born of long days and years of painful development.
I believe that Jeff is meant to give his musical talents to the world. I
believe that we are meant to find a home and a community and become
contributing members of society. I believe that technology and community
are converging on the internet, and that I can change that convergence for
the better. I believe in saving; not spending each cent I earn. Yet, I
believe in spending, because money was made for that! I believe in the joy
of aesthetic pleasure, and in the recreation of sensuality. I believe in
exposing what I feel, in a thoughtful way. I believe in being the same
person at work, at home, with my family, and in private.
It comes down to this: we all find our place, our way, our path. The
path is defined by our principles, embodied in our actions, empowered by
our vision. The path is marked by principled actions: milestones which
save our souls, heal our hearts.
Denis, you are being true to your principles. I get it. And I wish I
were more like you.

At least, that's the view from here.

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